Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Friday 13th, unlucky for some, not for Zenith Interiors

The Small Food Caterers have again helped Zenith Interiors, Adelaide, celebrate another year with customers and staff. For the last 3 year we have created custom menus to suit a themed party. This year it was HORROR and it was held at their office on Pultney street.

Goullie treats

We created a number of menu items that tasted great and matched the theme. We also had some favourites to make sure everybody was well catered for. You know how fussy the dead are. 

Our Staff got right into it

Nights like this are always better when more people get in on the act. It was good to see our staff really take part.

A very special thanks to Verity, Jessy and Haydie who work hard at the bar. To Will, Lene, Andy and Cheryl for serving and to Anna, Lou and Maggie who made it all happen in the kitchen.

Everyone had a ball

Zenith put on a great show. A lot of preparation goes into the event and they make sure each event is a night to remember.

We take it as as a great compliment that they have used the Small Food Caterers for the last three years. We look forward to the event and enjoy the opportunity to be creativity.

Thank you Ammie and all the team at Zenith for the privilege.

Here is what Zenith had to say

"You guys are so easy to deal with"

"Great Food"

"Next year the theme is going to be ..."

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