Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Friday 13th, unlucky for some, not for Zenith Interiors

The Small Food Caterers have again helped Zenith Interiors, Adelaide, celebrate another year with customers and staff. For the last 3 year we have created custom menus to suit a themed party. This year it was HORROR and it was held at their office on Pultney street.

Goullie treats

We created a number of menu items that tasted great and matched the theme. We also had some favourites to make sure everybody was well catered for. You know how fussy the dead are. 

Our Staff got right into it

Nights like this are always better when more people get in on the act. It was good to see our staff really take part.

A very special thanks to Verity, Jessy and Haydie who work hard at the bar. To Will, Lene, Andy and Cheryl for serving and to Anna, Lou and Maggie who made it all happen in the kitchen.

Everyone had a ball

Zenith put on a great show. A lot of preparation goes into the event and they make sure each event is a night to remember.

We take it as as a great compliment that they have used the Small Food Caterers for the last three years. We look forward to the event and enjoy the opportunity to be creativity.

Thank you Ammie and all the team at Zenith for the privilege.

Here is what Zenith had to say

"You guys are so easy to deal with"

"Great Food"

"Next year the theme is going to be ..."

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A fun week of catering in Adelaide

We had such a fun week at the Small Food Caterers that we thought we might quickly share the highlights of the week with everybody.

Having fun at the Adelaide Farmers Market

It was off to the Adelaide Farmers Market on Sunday to sample the wares of a number of primary produces from the Fleurieu Peninsula. We had been ask to prepare a canapé menu to show case the produce of the Fleurieu. There was no time to waste as the event was to be held on Saturday night. It was a great way to start the day, as the whole family are a bunch of foodies and we meet some fantastic people.

Dinner for RSM Bird Cameron

A new customer, RSM Bird Cameron, got in touch with the Small Food Caters to prepare a special menu for their key customers. Event like this are always fun as we get a chance to interact with our clients as they enjoy the personalised service, menu and food that The Small Food Caterers provide. Narelle from RSM sent us the following note after the event.

"Thank you for last night, it was amazing and the food was unbelievable"

Welcome Anna to the team

We would like to welcome Anna to the Small Food Caterers team. Anna started this week just as she completed her patisserie training an we are delighted that she has enjoyed both the work in our kitchen and out on the job serving customers.

Lunch for the Premier and other guests

One of our regular corporate customers asked us to prepare an a la carte meal in line with their normal requirements. Our customer regularly holds lunch time meetings at their premises with guests from various organisations. This week the guest list included our honourable Premier.

Well done Renee

A very special thank you to Renee. Renee has been a regular part of the team for a number of years and has played a key part in many of our major events. On Saturday morning, Renee for the first time took the leadership role and successfully managed brunch for 60 guests. Top job Renee.

Special celebration dinner

One or our customers decided to celebrate at home with friends and enjoy the delights of our ultimate a la carte menu. A small team headed out to Modbury on Saturday night to cook up a storm.

Show casing the Fleurieu Peninsula.

As we indicated at the start of the blog, we were asked by the Onkaparinga council to put together a special canapés menu that would show case to their special guests from China, the produce of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

What a fantastic and fun challenge this was for us. All week we were trying ingredients in our favourite recipes, meeting producers and making sure that it would all come together in a manner that would delight our customer and their special guest.

At some stage in the near future we will put together a specific blog relating to this event and discuss the beautiful food we discovered and where you can get it from. We will also incorporate links to the producers and to the farmers markets where they are available.

We would like to thank the team at the Christies Beach surf life saving club for their fantastic hospitality and to their chef who allowed us to use his kitchen for the evening.

Thank you to all of our customers

It was a busy week at the Small Food Caterers, and we would like to thank all the other customers we had this week for the opportunity. We take pride in the service and food we provide and we hope that you were all delighted by both.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Melbourne Cup Lunch Catering 2013

We normally customise menus for each or our customer, however we know how everybody loves to do something special for Melbourne cup in the office. So that we could cater for many of our customers and some new ones, we decided this year to develop a special menu for the day that suited the event and all customers could enjoy.


Smoked salmon and herb cream blini 

Cold Beef minions with spiced onion comfit (Gluten Free)

Vegetarian quiche (Vegetarian)

Chicken roll with bacon and sun dried tomato cream (Gluten Free)

Devils on horseback (Gluten Free)

Coconut prawns (Gluten Free)

Saffron roulade with salmon roe 

Crusted chicken drummets (Gluten Free)

Caramelized onion tarts with blue butter (Vegetarian)

Sushi (Vegetarian)

Themed cup cakes (1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate)

Here is what some new customers had to say.

Thank you so much for all your hard work.  The spread was lovely – lots of positive feedback and a couple of people wanted your card which we passed on to them, so maybe some future work there!

All in all a big success so thanks again and hope to use you again in the future.

Savills Australia

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for catering our Melbourne Cup function.  The food went down a treat and no-one was left hungry.

Everyone was very impressed with not only the quantity, but the quality of the food – nothing could be faulted.

I will definitely be keeping you on the top of our caterers list for future events.

RDC Partners

Melbourne Cup 2014

Thank you to all our customers that decided to use the Small Food Caterers for their Melbourne cup lunch.

Due to the success of the menu we will create another one for next year and we will ensure that the double dipped strawberries are on the menu.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Creating a Canapé menu

We are ask to create all different styles of menus, We will take the time to work with our guests to ensure the menu will meet their expectations and provide the variety required to ensure all guest are able to enjoy a selection of beautiful and delicious canapés.

In this bloq we will high light a couple of the key elements to creating a fantastic menu.

First things first. How many canapés will be required for the event. This will depend on the type of event, the time of day and how long the event will be going for. The following points are just guides to help decide on the number of items;
  • Light lunch - 6  Pieces
  • Normal Lunch with alcohol served - 8 pieces
  • After work cocktails - 5 pieces
  • Evening meal - 9 pieces
  • Evening celebration over 3 hours with alcohol served - 13- pieces

As the number of items to be served increase, it becomes easier to create menus that meet every bodies dietary requirements. Guest with dietary requirements always appreciate serving staff that know the food and there is more than 1 item that they can eat.
  • Gluten free or intolerance is very common. Target having a menu with at least 1/3 of items that are gluten free.
  • Vegetarian requirements are also common and are a good healthy option for menus as long as they are not all deep fried. Again having 1/3 of your menu items that are vegetarian  is highly recommended.
  • Make sure there are plenty of healthy option for people watching their weight. In general stay clear of mass produced pies, pasties and sausage roles, deep fried food, especially mass produced spring roll and dim sims.
  • The Small food caterers has a large repertoire of canapés and can modify canapés to suit all sorts of dietary requirements.

Generally mixing it up the menu to make sure everybody enjoys the menu and the presentation of the canapés matches the style of the event 
  • Keep some of the food simple. Most people, especially seniors, are not over adventures with food, having approximate 2/3 of your menu with recognisable flavours and food items is important. Otherwise most of it will be returned to the kitchen.
  • If there are going to by lots of big eaters or you want to make sure people to have a better ratio of food to alcohol, consider fork and talks. They are a great value option.
  • Selecting items that can be served hot or cold, can also help creating a menu that guest will enjoy on a hot day of the fine day we are all hoping for. By working with the Small Food Caterers, this can be achieved and or an agreed alternate menu can be used depending on the forecast.
  • Depending on the function, consider the visual appeal of the food. Having between 1/3 and 1/2 looking very fancy yet still meet the requirements above will help people remember your event positively. This all can be achieved by using the services of a professional gourmet caterer such as the Small Food Caterers

Friday, 25 October 2013

We have recently decided to start a blog, as many customers ask us lots of similar questions. In time we will reference these blogs though the site to help our customers make more informed decisions.

Based upon what our customers ask us we will write blogs that focus on major events both corporate and weddings, special custom menus that we create, information about event planning, and announce new fabulous menu items and specials such as our Melbourne cup lunch.

Best regards
The team at the Small Food Caterers