Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Creating a Canapé menu

We are ask to create all different styles of menus, We will take the time to work with our guests to ensure the menu will meet their expectations and provide the variety required to ensure all guest are able to enjoy a selection of beautiful and delicious canapés.

In this bloq we will high light a couple of the key elements to creating a fantastic menu.

First things first. How many canapés will be required for the event. This will depend on the type of event, the time of day and how long the event will be going for. The following points are just guides to help decide on the number of items;
  • Light lunch - 6  Pieces
  • Normal Lunch with alcohol served - 8 pieces
  • After work cocktails - 5 pieces
  • Evening meal - 9 pieces
  • Evening celebration over 3 hours with alcohol served - 13- pieces

As the number of items to be served increase, it becomes easier to create menus that meet every bodies dietary requirements. Guest with dietary requirements always appreciate serving staff that know the food and there is more than 1 item that they can eat.
  • Gluten free or intolerance is very common. Target having a menu with at least 1/3 of items that are gluten free.
  • Vegetarian requirements are also common and are a good healthy option for menus as long as they are not all deep fried. Again having 1/3 of your menu items that are vegetarian  is highly recommended.
  • Make sure there are plenty of healthy option for people watching their weight. In general stay clear of mass produced pies, pasties and sausage roles, deep fried food, especially mass produced spring roll and dim sims.
  • The Small food caterers has a large repertoire of canapés and can modify canapés to suit all sorts of dietary requirements.

Generally mixing it up the menu to make sure everybody enjoys the menu and the presentation of the canapés matches the style of the event 
  • Keep some of the food simple. Most people, especially seniors, are not over adventures with food, having approximate 2/3 of your menu with recognisable flavours and food items is important. Otherwise most of it will be returned to the kitchen.
  • If there are going to by lots of big eaters or you want to make sure people to have a better ratio of food to alcohol, consider fork and talks. They are a great value option.
  • Selecting items that can be served hot or cold, can also help creating a menu that guest will enjoy on a hot day of the fine day we are all hoping for. By working with the Small Food Caterers, this can be achieved and or an agreed alternate menu can be used depending on the forecast.
  • Depending on the function, consider the visual appeal of the food. Having between 1/3 and 1/2 looking very fancy yet still meet the requirements above will help people remember your event positively. This all can be achieved by using the services of a professional gourmet caterer such as the Small Food Caterers

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