Saturday, 17 May 2014

WhiskyLive comes to Adelaide.

WhiskyLive is an international celebration of whisk, bringing all the whiskies of the world together under one roof. WhiskyLive prides itself on bringing together the finest whiskies and great food.

The expo was held in Bonython hall on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th April and the Small Food Caterers provided all the catering services and delivered a fantastic menu designed to enhance the tasting event.

Bonython Hall - Great venue

Bonython Hall is the great hall of the University of Adelaide, located in the university grounds and facing North Terrace, Adelaide. The building is on the Register of the National Estate and the South Australian Heritage Register. It is primarily used for University graduation ceremonies, examinations, expositions and public lectures and meetings likely to draw large audiences. The ambience that this great venue provides is perfect for WhiskyLive.

WhiskyLive - Great whisky

Included in the ticket was more than 100 whiskies to try. The team brought together great exhibitors and and whisky representatives to answer all you questions, plus provide the tools you need such as a whisky glass, a carry bag and a catalogue designed for you to record your personal rating and thoughts for each whisky you try (a great way to remember after all those tastings). There is also the rare & old bar which has a small but impressive collection of whiskies, either rare or old which were available for sale in half-nip samples, as an optional addition.

The Small Food Caterers - Great food

A continual supply of wholesome, hearty and flavorsome food was also included in the ticket. When the WhiskyLive team decided to bring their whisky expo to Adelaide, the Small Food Caterers were the caterers of choice due to our ability to create personalised menus to suit events, our service and overall commitment.

The Small Food Caterer brought together a number of different styles of cocktail foods to create the desired menu, defined by the Whiskylive team. We incorporated some of our customer favourite "Fork & Talks", a selection of delicious cocktail shaslicks that are crusted our own combinations of herbs and spices, and finally a selection of home-made gourmet savoury pastries.

The team at the Small Food Caterer real enjoy these opportunities to create different menus and be involved with great and new events in South Australia. We believe that our commitment to work closely with event coordinators makes events like this a great success.

Well done to all involved

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia was sole beneficiary of the event’s fundraising efforts. Several thousand dollars was raised.

To all our staff a very big thank you for all you efforts over the weekend to ensure the first event in Adelaide was a big hit.

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